Production of the composite material on the basis of the UNIREM active rubber powder.

UNIREM is an innovative and high-tech modifier of asphalt-concretes on the basis of the active rubber powder obtained by the method of the high-temperature shear grinding.

The UNIREM modifier is produced in compliance with State Standard (GOST) R 55419-2013 and STO 61595504-002-2010, agreed by ‘Rosavtodor’ FRA (Federal Road Agency). The material is certified and safe to use and has all necessary permits, established by the Law of the Russian Federation.

The Project on the production and sales of the UNIREM modifier is developed by ROSNANO MC.


The asphalt-concrete production volume in 2013 was 41600 thousand tons.

The annual market growth is 7.2%.

The various modifiers are used within the construction and reconstruction of roads - Modifier KMA on the basis of recycled car tires, cellulose stabilizing additives, rubber-bitumen binder, polymer-bitumen binder, thermo-polymer resin and surface active additives.


The UNIREM modifier has been used in Russia from 2005. Now, UNIREM is a part of more than 25 thousand square kilometers of road carpets laid in different climatic zones. UNIREM was used in laying roads in more than 20 regions of Russia – the Moscow, Belgorod, Smolensk and other regions, as well as in such cities as Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Tyumen, Irkutsk and others.

The UNIREM modifier is favorably differs from competitors and has the important advantages as follows:

  • Road carpet durability
    (the use of the UNIREM modifier increases the durability of road carpets tenfold under conditions of subzero temperatures is the highest urgency for Russia)
  • Low cost of materials and maintenance of roads
    (the UNIREM modifier increases overhaul periods by 25-30%)

  • Environmental friendliness and high safety class
    (the use of the UNIREM modifier allows solving the problem of disposal of tires)

  • Ease of transportation

  • Long shelf life


The UNIREM modifier is produced at the plant in Podolsk (in operation from 2005, the capacity is more than 10 thousand tons) and at the line of granulation of the modifier in Serpukhov (in operation from 2012, the capacity is more than 5 thousand tons).

It is planned to produce the UNIREM modifier in other regions of Russia in the coming years.

The implementation of the UNIREM project is carried out with the strong scientific support. The modern Laboratory Testing Center (LTC) was created within the framework of the project.  It is completed with highly qualified specialists having the specialized education, great experience and certificates of the domestic and European level. The Center is equipped with a complex of the equipment required for testing materials, selecting compositions of asphalt-concrete mixtures, preparing specimens and other tests. The Laboratory Testing Center is one of the first in Russia that mastered methods of determination of the resistance of asphalt-concretes to rutting and the fatigue crack resistance.



Proceeds from sales of the UNIREM modifier (million rubles): The potential capacity of the market of modifiers will be (million rubles): Projected proceeds from sales of the UNIREM modifier (million rubles):
The fall in proceeds in 2012 and 2013 is connected with the temporary suspension of the production and the change in the company’s management. The marginality of the production of the UNIREM modifier is 30%. The increase in the volume of sales of the UNIREM modifier is possible due to the opening of new plants to output the product in regions.


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