Large coverage area

We work within the territory of Russia as well as partially in the euro-zone countries in particular in Holland, Czech Republic and other countries.

Large transportation volume

light oil products.

Storage of oil products

There is a tank farm in the Saratov region with the volume of 10000 cubic meters for the simultaneous storage with the oil preparation ability.

Cooperation – you are the one who we need!


The Company was established in 2005 and managed to earn loyalty of customers and status of the reliable partner.

More than 1600 km of roads are already covered with the nanostructured road carpet in Russia. What kind of carpet is this, why is it used and what prospects does the new technology open for the road sector of the country.


The transfer, storage and sales of light oil products (diesel fuel and petrol) will be carried out at the own petroleum storage depot.

Реализация светлых и темных нефтепродуктов, сжиженных углеводородных газов, авиационного топлива, углеводородного сырья и это только малая часть нашей деятельности.



Stable partnership relations with large companies in the market of oil products.

Well-defined timeline

We always deliver products in time.

Perfect quality

Our tramp cards are the flexible pricing policy and the best quality of products and services.


Our clients and partners

  • Rosneft
  • Lukoil
  • Gazprom Neft
  • Bashneft